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The findings concentrate on four thematic areas which emerged through the FGDs.

The findings concentrate on four thematic areas which emerged through the FGDs.

Information analysis

The info had been analysed via an approach that is thematic. Most of the combined team talks had been transcribed verbatim from Ga, Twi, Fante, Ewe and Dagbani into English language by a team of transcribers with Ga, Twi, Fante, Ewe, Dagbani and English language competence. All transcripts had been coded utilizing the ATLAS TI 7 and had been analysed using thematic analysis. The very first phase associated with analysis included reading all of the transcripts to spot appearing codes and themes. A variety of deductive and inductive codes ended up being used by the framework that is analytical. The deductive codes had been produced by past studies that examined the partnership between intercourse and cardiovascular activities and studies on sexuality [8, 9, 27, 43, 44]. The writer additionally had discussions that are several a few peers who have been professionals in African history and sexuality. The cause of it was to make sure that the interpretations of this content associated with the codebook developed were valid and objective.

The 2nd phase regarding the analysis included pinpointing the linkages between codes, themes, and appropriate respondent quotes, and research that is existing.

First, four major themes on perceptions regarding the part of sexual activity on swing had been identified and these centered on regularity of intercourse, aging, intercourse roles and sex that is indiscriminatei.e. doing pre-marital or extra-marital intercourse). In the interpretive phase, the articles of each and every of the themes had been analyzed to recognize the way they converge or diverge from past medical and non-medical literary works also to situate the participants’ reactions inside the wider Ghanaian context.


The findings concentrate on four thematic areas which emerged through the FGDs. Included in these are: 1) regularity of intercourse and swing; 2) intercourse jobs and swing; 3) ageing and swing, and; 4) indiscriminate intercourse and swing. The demographic faculties for the individuals are presented very first. Variations in participants’ narratives by gender and age are presented in Table 1 .

Demographic traits of individuals

As a whole, 255 individuals took part in the FGDs therefore the quantity of individuals in each one of the FGDs ranged from 6 to 10. Participants’ age ranged from 18 to 75 years; the age that is mean 43.4 years and 29.4per cent (n = 75) had been below three decades. The ratio that is male/female 0.93:1. About one-quarter (n = 62) had never attended college, over fifty percent (letter = 153) had additional training and just nine had education that is tertiary. Almost all the individuals had been tangled up in casual career such as for example trading and farming. Lots of the individuals (letter = 124) stated that they certainly were hitched. Most were Christians (n = 166) plus the staying were Muslims and Traditionalists. Most of the individuals from Chanshegu had been Muslims. Detailed pages of this individuals were posted elsewhere [20].

Regularity of intercourse and swing

Whenever individuals had been expected to say the sources of swing, regularity of sex (i.e. excessively intercourse) emerged in most the team talks, except in Chanshegu. Individuals pointed out that regularity of intercourse could cause swing. Specially, they explained that individuals who possess sexual activity times that are many a time or with concurrent lovers are in greater risk of swing. A grownup woman in Ga Mashie stated that she knew somebody that has been offered a few warnings by the medical practitioner to quit concurrent sexual relationships; he ignored the caution and finally developed swing.

Too sex that is much also cause stroke…what he said does work. If you wish to be having way too many rounds of intercourse, about 10 in one day, it could allow you to get swing (Young men, Agorve) …still with all the swing, many people choose to have intercourse four or five times with regards to intimate lovers per day. This might cause swing (Young men, Gyegyeano)

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